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Whether you're looking for assistance managing your entire project or need support resolving a claim along the way, we can help.

It's no secret that construction and risk go hand-in-hand. Maybe that's why more owners are turning to SPIRI COM for help. You need innovative approaches to overcome challenges like time and cost constraints, technology advancements and limited staff resources.

We know how to eliminate obstacles to your success. Through decades of experience working with clients like you, our highly trained construction experts have the expertise to understand your project needs. Regardless of whether you're tackling a major building program, a minor renovation, or a construction dispute, SPIRI COM can guide you through the process. We gauge success not only by what we help you accomplish, but also by what we help you avoid.

We serve only the needs and interests of our clients and we do so with the utmost integrity. Our unimpeachable objectivity, along with a proven approach to planning and attention to detail, has earned us a spot as one of the top consulting firms in the construction industry.

At SPIRI COM, we know that successful projects hinge on having the right people on the job. Our understanding of the industry comes from our professionals' years of experience in design and construction. In fact, we employ some of the most seasoned architects, engineers, construction managers, accountants, attorneys, technical consultants and support staff in the industry. Regardless of the size of the project, you can expect the best in the business on the job.

SPIRI COM has provided expert advice and strategic solutions to public and private clients at virtually every stage of the construction process. The result? Many successfully completed projects and even more satisfied clients.

Program Management Projects

Communities and public agencies seeking to implement large, complex projects spanning several years and costing hundreds of millions of dollars or more can often benefit from the services of a program manager.

The role of a program manager typically begins with a thorough analysis of an owner's overall objectives, followed by the gathering of input from the dozens, hundreds or possibly even thousands of project stakeholders, solidifying priorities, and then developing and deploying a program execution plan.

During implantation, the Program Manager helps to secure the firms and resources necessary to carry out each of the projects (such as Project Managers, Construction Managers, and A/E teams), establishes protocols to ensure adherence to the master schedule and budget, and monitors and reports on progress.

From the early planning stages of a client’s capital construction program to the completion of the final project, SPIRIN COM program managers provide the professionalism and guidance required to achieve a successful outcome. We ensure our clients receive the maximum value for every dollar spent and that their goals are fully satisfied.






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